The Perfect Shoe for your “I Do”

Imagine this, white gowns, fragrant flowers and the love of your life at the altar look upon you. Staring awed at your beauty while you walk towards him. You’re wearing your bridal dress, long terrain of veil and you do not want to just walk to him. Of course, you would want to march towards him with your perfect wedding shoes.

Just like your dress, your shoes play an important part in this too.

Most women would want to have high heels because they want to add height and as a lot of ladies would say, it adds sexiness. This is true and this kind of wedding sandals is conducive if you are to be wed on a church where the floor is marbled covered by a carpet showered with flowers. Heels normally dig holes on gardens and it won’t be a good idea to wear these.

If you are eyeing on those killer pumps that will look great on your dress, think of how you will feel after long hours of wearing it.
It might look pretty on the stores with the window dolls wearing them but your feet aren’t wood and it would really be hard to smile and cover the pain you are feeling. Plus you wouldn’t want to slide your way down the aisle because you tripped, right? It is your wedding day and you should be the happiest girl on earth that day. Don’t let your shoes ruin it.

There are a lot of very comfortable shoe options that will still look good on your dress. You may want to consider ballet flats made of satin or low sling back sandals that are still very comfortable. Make sure the heel and soles are very apt for the venue of the wedding and always bear in mind that you are to greet a lot of people, it will require you to be on your feet.

Fabric is something that you must think of as well. Satin is good but if you are to walk on grass or anything wet, it will easily be soiled hence, and it will not look good after a while.

Before getting shoes, take your dress into consideration. It will be best if you are to get it once you already have a gown design. You might already fall in love with the bead works and other details of the shoe but it might not look good on the dress that you picked. This will just be a waste, if that is the case. Better if you can have some of the embellishments with you while you are looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes.