Fred Hall 2011

Christopher - Big Boss of the Aloha Spirit

Hey Gang

I spent a few days hanging out with some buds at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach this past weekend. Check out some of the images from the show!

Paul Ito and Director Corey Shiozaki
The Manzanar Fishing Club
(Photos courtesy of Paul Ito)

Paul and Taryn

Captains Shawn Steward (Aloha Spirit) and Jordan Richards (The Channel Isle)
Channel Islands Sportfishing

Ray and Bobby

Mario and Wes - Ken's Custom Reels

George Valenzula - Senor
(Thanks for letting me Hang out George)

Adrian and Tom Greene
Cedros Adventures

Duane Broadway - Cedros Adventures and Matt Salas - The Original Salas Lures

Captain Mike Lackey and the Crew of The Vagabond - Pt Loma CA

I spent some time at the show meeting with Corey Shiotaki Director of the Manzanar Fishing Club movie. The film project is coming close to completion where some funds are still required to finish off the movie. A short segment and exhibit was showing in the Arena area of the fishing show. Pretty amazing how a couple phone calls, emails, and Facebook posts on the Asian Retro page got some folks together to help lend Corey and Writer Richard Imamura.

Hats and Tshirts were offered at the show in exchange for donations to help complete the movie. They are targeting on completing the movie later this year.

Check out the a sample of the movie on the Manzanar Fishing Club Website and look out for future fund raising events. If you have any questions about the film Contact Corey at

See you next year for the Show!