Chucks and Cods on the Aloha Spirit

Scott Okamura and Jerry - Aloha Spirit

Hey Gang

We had a great trip out to Santa Cruz Island on the Aloha Spirit out of Channel Islands Sportfishing Oxnard CA. Shawn Steward was at the Wheel and the plan was to make the Long Run to the West end to look at some untouched stones given the new season. The weather was pretty iffy for the trip where I talked to Shawn about the Weather Window we read in the reports heading into the trip. The NOAA Forecasts always look pretty daunting but if you know what to look for in the forecast you can roll the dice and turn out a nice springtime trip. We trusted Shawn and the gamble paid off.

We had a nice ground swell that was building with long periods in between the swells. It shook us at first with the confused wind which turned pretty nice about an hour outside the Nard. We had 14 Anglers with a Limit Day on the Reds and Chucks . Everyone got to pull on a fish pretty much all day long. 51 Degree water made it tough to locate the biters but Shawn showed us he can find the fish! Check out the catches below:


Brooke Iwamoto

Corey and Ray Iwamoto


Taizo Shibayama

Island View

Ernie Codded Out!


We had a smooth ride home surfing down swell with the wind on our hip all the way back to the Barn. What a great day Gang! I want to thank you guys who stuck it out and had faith in Shawn and me on giving the trip the green light. Thank you Shawn and Crew of the Aloha Spirit!!!

Feel free to email me for future trips. I have one more on Oct 1, and I know a few other guys who will be charting the Spirit throughout the Season. Mahalo!