Bodega Bay Crab/Rock Combo

Jay Mayeda - On the Crab

Jay and Dr. Eugene made a run up to Northern California for a mixed bag of Crab and Rock Fish fun. The area was north of Bodega Bay fishing out of a Center Console with good weather and flat calm Catalina Green style water. The pictures tell a pretty good story of the trip.

Full Rack

And a Main Course to Boot

"We were fishing the Reds in 30 ft of water, just like fishing for Calicos in the Weeds. The fish were in the Bull Kelp and it would be tough when you get kelped. They liked the Swimbaits biting on the drop. Specta on the Bass Gear was all you needed.

Super Sized Crab

Oh - who has the Shoyu?

What a Pig....Biggie Smalls

Mystery Spot?

Looks like fun

The Gal on the right looks really stoked to be in the line up.

......Now she looks Even More Stoked

Thanks for the pictures Jay. Just like going to "Red Lobster" for a combo platter of Crabbie Patties and Reds.

Nicely Done....