Geronimo Island and Sacramento Reef on the Pacific Dawn

Paul Ito - Jig Fishing for Calicos

hey bob...we just got back from our 4 day'r skiff trip on the Pac Dawn. conditions were not what we'd like, but it was still a blast! Sac Reef and Geronimo Isle.

Mikey - What a Sluggo.....
Steve Tsuji - Biggie

Gotta love fishin' the iron! Most bass were on the large MC Sluggo's and swimbait

Mikey - SuperSized
Captain Pat - Stoked

Richie - CheckMate
Steve T - Sluggo

No WSB, no yellows, no butts. Just big bonito and a few gar.

Paul Ito - PinSpeed

Big Bass fishing on the inflatables.
Thanks for the report Paul.