It was Howling, They were Chewing

On the Troll. Way to go Matt.

Courtesy of Bill Roecker

Skipper Jeff DeBuys docked Independence at Point Loma Sportfishing June 1 after an eight-day Purfield’s Tackle charter. The trip found biting tuna offshore, and after weather picked up, finished up on the beach and at Cedros Island.

“In the beginning we had good weather,” DeBuys said Sunday morning. “There was good sign of bluefin, albacore and yellowfin, but we saw more bluefin. When the weather came up, they all went down. So we went to the coast, where we found some good quality yellowtail. These guys toughed it out, regardless. It was a good trip.”

Jackpot winner Tom Banks of Malibu caught a 35-pound yellowtail that bit a surface jig. Banks fished 50-pound Izorline, a Shimano 40 reel and a Seeker rod.

“He went straight for the beach,” Banks said. “Took all the mono, all the spectra, he peeled it right off. Everybody was screaming.”

Terry Sandoval, an Independence regular, won second for a 34.8-pound yellowtail. Sandoval fly-lined a sardine on a 2/0 ringed Owner hook, 40-pound Blue Izorline, a Calstar 800 H rod and a Trinidad Narrow 40 Special reel.

Jeff had to work for them,” Sandoval said. “It was very windy, but we had a couple of stops on the bluefin. The whole boat was hooked up on one of them. Then we had to go hide at the Island, to get away from the swells.”

Bob Edwards placed third with a 34-pound yellowtail. He fished a 4/0 circle Owner hook, 30-pound Izorline, a Calstar 7-foot rod and a Trinidad 30 reel.

“It was howling, but they were chewing!” Edwards said. “I had outstanding gear, it just tooled the fish.”

“The water structure looks good for albacore out there for upcoming trips,” DeBuys added. “We got a big one on this trip.”

Matthew Smith, of Culver City landed the 40-pound albacore on the troll. Smith joined the lineup with his big longfin.

“Most of the other albies were little,” Smith said, “but this one is a nice albacore.”

Way to represent Matt.
Many Thanks to Bill Roecker