Catchy Tackle trip returns

Jackpot winners:
1st place: Sol Gordon 52.0 lbs Yellowtail
2nd place: Dave O'Halloran 40.2 lbs Yellowtail
3rd place: Paul Medina 40.2 lbs Yellowtail

Evening Folks

Check out our friend Paul Medina coming off the American Angler on a Catchy Sponsored Trip.

Report courtesy of the American Angler:

The boat returned this morning with a catch of just World class Yellowtail (which had beautiful color when they came out of the hole) mixed in with a fair amount of the early season Bluefin tuna, a sampling of Albacore and not to forget our first White Seabass. The weather was one we all will remember in a good way...after last weeks trip. It was a great time with a variety of nice fish. Thanks to our wonderful gang of Guys and Gal thanks again to Catchy Tackle - Drew, John and Wayne - for the nice give aways on this trip. Check out jackpot winners below and passenger Carl Brown, who treated himself to this trip before going overseas to serve - thanks for fishing with us! And, not pictured, our regular passenger, Joe Skinner, caught the second biggest Albacore of the season (according to Bill Roecker), weighing in at 37.6lbs.

Mission Accomplished
Nice fish Paul