Cerralvo pics

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 1:22 PM
To: Bob Hara; Ernie B; Matt Sautter; Bucher Ernest; Garrett Todd; yamada; Phil Lindholm
Subject: Cerralvo pics

What's up guys,

Some pics from the past week. There was a pretty good jig bite when you could get to the spots. Yellows, amberjacks, huachinango and cabrilla were all chewing, also the biggest sierra I have ever seen. 6X Salas was the money jig for me and pops was killing it on a CP105. We got absolutely demolished by some of the amberjacks.



Great trip G
Ed has got to be fired up after that trip.........Exotics galore.

on the Salas - the Original Salas Lure