Anacapa Yellow

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 9:38 AM
To: Bob Hara; Ernie B; Mark Yamada; Phil Lindholm; Tim March; Matt Sautter
Subject: B. Hara Anacapa

It is believed to be the 1st Channel Is. yellow of 2008, on the jig!!

I fished Anacapa yesterday with a good buddy, Bob H. We found clean 58 degree water, decent current, lots of mammals and scattered meatballs. Overall there wasn't a lot of action, but Bob pulled through in the clutch and put the first yellow of 2008 on the boat, on the 6Xjr. Nice going Bob!!

That fish provided the needed motivation to keep jigging, we got a few bottom grabbers but that was it for yellows.

Overall it was a really nice day over there, the breeze backed off mid morning and it turned greasy flat.

I think someone with a tank of squish could do all right out there right now.

Yellowtail Poke tonight!


Thanks for the Great day at the Island Stoney