Hoopin it up at Catalina Island

Went Hooping with Jeff and the some of the boys at Catalina Island Saturday Night. It was pretty nice out with clear skies and the ocean was butter. No moon and pretty good tidal movement made for ideal conditions for Catalina. We ended up getting some nice bugs.

Hoop Gimmick

Tony and Brian on the Pull

Dave with a Keeper


7 so far. We ended up with 9 Good Ones.

Josh - We had several Hoop rigs with the GlowStick Bouys sink out on us on the trip. What do you do? Not to worry, we have Josh on Deck. Josh was 3 for 3 retrieving the sunk gear snagging the rope connected to the hoop rigs using a 50 lb Jigstick and a Heavy Salas. What a stud.

Thanks for taking us out Jeff.

Well Done!!!