Channel Island Yellows

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: November 2007
To: Bob Hara; Ernie B; Garrett Todd; Hara Todd; Phil Lindholm; Tim March; Keegan Cooke; Kent Smith
Subject: Anacapa yesterday

What's up guys,

Tim, you're not going to like this....

I went looking for some of that nice grade of yellowtail that popped up at Anacapa earlier in the week. No sign of squid anywhere but big meatballs of sardine and mackerel were everywhere.

I started jigging and metering up and down the backside and only had a few bass to show for it for the morning. After lunch I finally found a little nugget and put a couple on the boat, 33# and 36#, both on the jig. I had one other come unbuttoned and a mackerel got slammed while I was on a fish. Both fish had that channel islands girth and pulled!

The weather was bitchin overall, grease going over, then some offshores coming over the island for a couple of hours, then it laid down again and was hot.


Well done Stoney