Cedros Deluxe Part II

More Images of the Tom Greene Cedros FlyDown Operation
Courtesy of Jeff Rodriguez
From: Jeffrey
Thursday, November 01, 2007
Larry Krouse; Tom Greene; Tony Moran; Bob N Hara
Cedros FlyDown

Some names for the faces: airport shot left to right, Jeff Rodriguez, Duane Brodway, Nick DiSanto, Joe Camello (colonial yacht), Gerald Gallante, and Tim Johnson.

Jeffrey R

Family Money Shot
Check out the Spread!

Greasy Morning

Lake Pacifico

A Familiar Face

Check out the Rooms for the Anglers

Satellite TV? Are you kidding me?

BirdsEye View

Another Group of Satisfied Customers

The Gang was equipped with a Grip Load of Irons from Matt Salas
Thank you for the Iron Matt.

Sounds like an Awesome Trip
Count me in for 08 Jeff

I'm Gone