Spots of Giant Tuna South of the Strip?

I was on a 4 day run to Las Vegas this past week to attend the Commercial Mortgage Bankers Conference hosted at the Bellagio. It was the annual 4 day work trip gig. The Scene at the Bellagio is pretty "Over the Top". It was a great place to meet new folks, and an awesome way to finally meet clients you had only known by either email or telephone. Connecting the names with the faces is the best way to do business. We got to "Meet and Greet" during the day, and "Tossed back a Few" with our friends at night.

Stellar conditions in the low 80s with a light cloud cover made for some beautiful weather. Like a fisherman "Keeping in the Know", it was time for me to gather info about the "Credit Crunch" you keep hearing about in the news and how it will impact the US Real Estate Market.

Bass Pro Shops - Las Vegas

What in the world???
Honey. Can we get some of this art for our house?

Before the conference got started, I made a visit to the Bass Pro Shops located just south of the Strip. The store is rather large...simply gigantic....Freaking Gynormous!!! A 2 story structure, the store is filled with just about every fishing and hunting gimmick you could imagine. "Were you looking for a Flasher, or a Dodger?"

My favorite spot in the store (of course) was the Salt Water Section. Not just for the tackle, but for the crazy fish mounts hovering over the showroom floor. The displays of exotics was pretty impressive. Schools of Monster Bluefin Tuna on the run, Marlin Feeding on a school of Dodos, and a Gang of Roosterfish Foaming on Ballyhoo filled the zone. Man - - - The Tuna mounts were larger than life.

Pull the Shoot!!!!
LOOK AT EM....!!!!

Here they come - Keep it Steady

Break out the Heavy Gear Boys
Come to the Milk.......

I bet those Yellows would bite the 7X
"Excuse me, where can I find your Iron Selection?"

Feeding Marlin

Looking like one of those Mag Bay Mornings

The Indoor Garden at the Bellagio was pretty sick
(Didn't know I was into this kind of stuff did you?)

Night Moves
ViVa Las Vegas

- A Disneyland for All Kinds.

Double Down on that my friend