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I received a fishing report from my friend Ken Austad down in SD. Harlan Berk of the Gallilean, along with CharterMaster Anthony A Barbieri, Ken Austad, and Paul Cadruvi took out a group of Veterans out for a day of fishing. It was their 2nd Annual Trip, and it looks like they did pretty darn good. I will let Ken describe the day of fishing.

From: Ken Austad
Sent: September 2007
To: Anthony A Barbieri; Paul Cadruvi; 'Harlan Berk; Robert N. Hara
Subject: 9/9/07 Sportfishing trip

Gents, another good trip in the bag. 13 fisherfolk cot a mixed bag of 23 fish (YFT, YT’s and dodo’s
– or ballslappers as Jason & Harlan call em). The Marines had a great time, and one of them – Cpl James Fusco – won the tuna JP with a 10+ lb YFT. The non-tuna JP was split between one of the Taylor groups guys and Rick Knapp. The both cot the same mossback and hauled him on deck – prob a 25 lb fish.

Weather was great
– blue skies and lots of sun. Some chop and swell but nothing too bad – unless you were Cpl Fusco.

Bottom line – everyone had a great time, Chef Tony cooked pork tenderloin for lunch and meatloaf for dinner, Capt and crew were their usual superb selves.

Tony B, thanks for setting this up. Was good to get something other than albacore for a change.


In case you missed it, Michael Fowlkes of Inside Sportfishing covered the trip last year. Here is a link to last years report 1st Annual Veterans Day on the Water - Gallilean

Hats off to you guys
See you on the Water