Brandon on the Endeavor

The Kid is at it again.....

Date: Sep 2007
Subject: Emailing

Bob - - Thanks for posting the pictures of Brandon on our last trip. Heres are some more pictures from another trip we just did on the Endeavor. We wanted to let your fellow readers in on the skinny........

Approx.100 miles out about the same area as your last charter around the Cortez. Weather beautiful, but rough going out and comin home. Out at the fishing grounds it was grease. The Albacore were still bitting good but not full speed. Limit Fishing.

Brandon really gotta kick outta seeing his pictures the last time so I was told to send`em to you so he can show off some new pictures and to give your readers some fresh-off-the-boat info. This charter was Janet and Dave Uradomo's group. They were a great group to fish with.

Steve Shimahara

Man Steve - Would you like to adopt a 43 year old Dude from Santa Monica?
I have my own gear and I am house trained...well kinda sorta.

Thanks for the Pictures