American Angler Little Tokyo Update

Thurs. Aug 30, 2007


Things are never the same from day to day, fish have tails and believe you me they know how to use them. When we arrived on scene this morning, we started picking at these beautiful grade Albacore and about the time the Muffins came out of the oven, things just seemed different. We spent the next 6 hours wondering what happened - it was time to do some of that Capt. stuff. By late afternoon our hunch paid off and things started to click. We ended the day with 107 fish..... the fish made a move and we were able to get back on them to save the day. The photo of the day is Mike Henderson and Capt. Taro with the Gaff.

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Our 5 Day is around the corner.
Nice grade of alberts.

See you onboard